Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine

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Basic Info.

Model NO.
Material Type
Packaging Material
Transport Package
Strong Wooden Box
HS Code
Production Capacity
10 Sets/Month

Product Description

Introduction :
The equipment consists of two kinds of working chamber:Thermoforming chamber&Heat sealing chamber. Vacuumizing&gas-flushing jobs are finished at the same room inside the heat-sealing chamber.Packing materials are aluminium foils or a variety of films,such as: PE/CPP/PET/PP/BOPP/BOPET/POF/PVC,transparent or opaque, printed or unprinted,flexible or rigid.They will become soft and be shaped as per the die shape under heating and air pressure(positive&negative) in the forming chamber,some cases an auxiliary mould(plug) will assist the shaping process.There are two types of films/foils:Top film&bottom film according to their usages in the packing process.Generally,film thermoforming refers to the bottom film,top film is the cover.Top&bottom films will be sealed together in the heat sealing chamber. To get a more beautiful and triaxial vision of the package, the top films also can be formed into some different shapes,it is called 'Top Film Thermoforming'.The whole process is under precisely control of PLC,continuously and automatically. Our machines are only equipped with superior compoments from quality suppliers around the world to ensure a steady & highly efficient running of the machine.

Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine

Packaging under vacuum extends the shelf life of products, since the biochemical degradation of the product is slowed down by the removal of the atmosphere. In the production of skin packs, trays and skin films are used that enclose the product tightly and seal the entire surface with the tray. In case of packs with modified atmosphere, the atmosphere in the pack is replaced with a gas mixture matched to the product in order to maintain the form,color and freshness of the product. This modified atmosphere packaging usually consists of carbon dioxide, nitrogen and oxygen.
Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine

Working principle:

Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine
(1) Top film      (2) Bottom film

(3) Thermoforming chamber---The bottom film soften under heat and is shaped as per the Die(mould)'s design by combined effect of compressed air&vacuum.

(4)  Loading area---Shaped cavities on the bottom film can be filled with materials manually or automatically.

(5) Sealing chamber---Air in the shaped cavities is exhausted through a vacuum tank,meantime nitrogen or another mixed atmosphere is flushed into the cavities,then the top film is applied&sealed to the bottom film under heat as per the sealing die's design.

(6) Cross cutting & longitudinal cutting units---Cutting knives separate individual packs from the sealed films.

  Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine

  • External high vacuum pump from Busch Germany,no pollution.
    Busch Vacuum Pumps and Systems is one of the largest manufacturers of vacuum pumps in the world. Its headquarters is located in Maulburg (Germany), where the main German manufacturing facility is located.
  • Banner American photoelectric tracking system.
  • Equipped with cooling system for heat-sealing chamber.
  • Power off phase and reverse phase protection.
  • Electric leakage protection, automatically cut off power supply when leakage occur, to protect safety of operators.
  • Pneumatic components from AirTAC Inc, key parts (Pneumatic Festo/Vacuum valve/Valve Terminal)from Japan SMC.
  • Aluminum alloy integral side plate(Patent No.ZL2004200390983),high strength good straightness,hardly to distort.
  • Push-pull Siemens smart touch screen(include communication cables) and PLC.
  • Film moving controller&driver made by Mitsubishi or by Siemens.
  • Guide rail system of printer made by German Igus with Panasonic servo driving system.
  • Maintenance-free linear bearings of the cross-cutting knife made in Germany.
  • Panasonic inverter speed-regulating system(include communication cables).
  • Temperature sensors and controllers made by Siemens Germany or made by Omron Japan.
  • Stainless steel chain from REGINA Italy.
  • Pneumatic tensioning mechanism, pneumatic brake, prestress adjustable for both top and bottom film.
  • Equipped with film deviation automatic correcting system.
  • Equipped with film tension regulating system, the computer can automatically identify the sizes of rollers, automatically adjust tension to keep the same stress of upper and lower films.

Optional Function/Compoments:
(1) Vacuum or None vacuum
(2) Mixed gas/Nitrogen inflating
(3) Top film thermoforming.
(4) Format/Dies fast change system
(5) Nitrogen producer
(6) Inkjet printer

Technical datas
Model LZ320 LZ420 LZ520
Width of top film 297mm 397mm 497mm
Width of bottom film 322mm 422mm 522mm
Chamber sizes 300 x (200-400) mm 400 x (200-400) mm 500 x (200-600) mm
Maximum forming depth 80mm 80mm 80mm
Producing capacity 1000-11000 pcs/h 1800-16000 pcs/h 2400-18000 pcs/h
Vacuum ≤200Pa ≤200Pa ≤200Pa
Compressed air ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa
Pumping rate 1.1~1.4 m³/min 1.2~1.6 m³/min 1.5~2.0 m³/min
Cooling water ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa
Working speed 5-9 step/min 4-8 step/min 4-6 step/min
Work environment Moisture:≤80%    Temperature range:-5°C ~ 35°C
Power supply 220V/380V/400V/415V 3phase 50Hz/60Hz
Power rate 7 KW 12 KW 14 KW
Dimensions 4500mm X 710mm X 1800mm 7000mm X 900mm X 1900mm 8000mm X 1000mm X 1900mm
Weight 1300kg 1800kg 2100kg
Free mould 2 sets 2 sets 2 sets
Dimensions/sizes/weight are approximate only for reference,actual cases maybe different.
Package samples:
Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine
Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine
Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine
Butter Cream Grease Paste Juice Soup Packaging Machine



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